​The Letter to the Editor below by LWV LInn County's Laure Wess Peters below explains Vote411's key features. The letter was printed in the Sunday, September 11 edition of the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

     VOTE411, a League of Women Voters initiative, provides you with information about the candidates on the November 8 ballot.

     Each candidate has been asked to respond to a set of questions and their answers will be posted online. This voter information can be found at VOTE411.org. National, state and local information is available.   

     VOTE411 also has information about who can vote, how to register to vote, and who/what is on the ballot.  The Linn County League of Women Voters reminds you to educate yourself and vote November 8. 

Educate Yourself Before Voting



 early voting for the nov 8 general election begins sept 29 at the linn county election services office!​ 

first LWVlc candidate forum is oct 12. eight forums are set... see calendar below for details... can't attend and need info on candidates? lwv's  vote411.org is a handy online voters guide and more.

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To enable people to be effective members of a democracy.

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     Promote direct discourse and discussion of LWV-related issues with members, government representatives, and our community

     Educate and advocate on issues for the common good

     Share unbiased, fact-based information with members and the community

     Build social connections

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